Deflationism: Long Dollar, Short Evidence?

Categories: Deflation, Inflation, Quantitative Easing

There has been a lot of activity on “FinTwit” recently regarding the mechanics of the monetary system, whether quantitative easing (“QE”) really is money printing, and therefore whether the likely path ahead is one of inflation or deflation. George Gammon has released an excellent video series explaining the basic mechanics, Lyn Alden has published a … Read More

The CPI Does Not Measure Inflation

Categories: CPI, Gold, Inflation

The word “inflation”, used in the context of anything other than modern economics, is normally taken to mean the expansion, or increase in the size, quantity or volume of something. Indeed, back in more logical times its use in the field of economics was to describe the expansion of the money supply.  More recently, through repeated misuse by … Read More